I Just Purchased a Dragon Touch X10 from Amazon. 10.6 inch, Octa-Core, For a Great Price!

dragon_touch_X10So I have been looking for a larger tablet so I can properly utilize my nifty Logitech K480 Bluetooth keyboard and avoid investing in a laptop. I was all set to purchase the Asus Zenpad Z300C, 10.1 inch tablet but Amazon and Newegg both raised their prices on it to a price I am not willing to pay.

So today after a bit of searching I found this Dragon Touch X10, 10.6 inch tablet, with an octa-core processor, 1gb ram and 16gb onboard and a MicroSD slot, all for $119.00  on Amazon.com. The specs are great and I will do a video of the unboxing when I receive it.

Other specs are:


  • IPS display 1366×768
  • 1gb ram
  • 1.8Ghz-2.0Ghz Octa-Core processor
  • 802.11bgn, Bluetooth
  • 7200mAh battery

This video pretty much sold me on the product.

I would also like to mention that after several months of owning this product I am quite happy with it. As a matter of fact during most evenings it is running as a server (yes, a tablet based web server). If it is after about 11pm Central Time (Chicago), the site will probably be active…sometimes it is on all day, click here to view it.


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