Review: Fourteen Colors Plugin. Change your Theme Colors Easily in the Twenty Fourteen Theme.

fourteencolors_logoIf you are running the latest stock WordPress theme which is Twenty Fourteen, you may wish to change the colors on the sidebar and menu areas.  The theme is pretty nice stock but it is nice to have a bit of variety.

You could go and edit the theme CSS files or you could just get the Fourteen Colors plugin. The plugin allows you to change the colors easily from the regular customize menu in dashboard. (Appearance>Customize). I went ahead and changed my sidebar/menu colors with the plugin today and it took all of a minute or so, most of which was wasted trying to pick a shade of gray.

Screen Shot [click to see full size]
Installation takes about 30 seconds and once activated you will see a few extra buttons under the colors section of your customize menu. It then takes literally seconds to change your site’s appearance.

This one gets 5 stars for ease of use. If you are running the Twenty Fourteen theme, this is worth the 30 seconds to install.


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Fourteen Colors


Easy install/config




reliability, glitches



  • Super Easy to use
  • no options, just go to customize


  • None at all