Dragon Touch X10 Has Arrived, Initial Review (video)

A shot for comparison showing my 7 inch Asus next to the new Dragon Touch X10.
A shot for comparison showing my 7 inch Asus next to the new Dragon Touch X10.

So last weekend I ordered the Dragon Touch X10 Tablet from Amazon and it arrived this afternoon. I have set it up, installed some good apps, inserted a microSD card into it and so far this thing rocks.

The wireless connects to my router at a full 150 mbps, the Bluetooth paired with my logitech keyboard easily and the display quality is great! It is just a bit too large at 10.6 inches to fit properly in the slot on the logitech keyboard when used in landscape, but that is a minor issue, since the screen size makes using it vertically a great option, (I will probably get a case/stand for it).

I checked out the hardware using Hardware Info app and it is indeed an Octa-Core ARMv7 running at 1.8 GHz. The operating system is Android Kit-Kat 4.4.4 and there is roughly 12 gb free space left on internal storage when the device is new with no software installed except the basic Google stock Android. There was really no bloatware on this device at all, which is great! I installed Chrome and a few other apps such as Hardware info, Network Info II, Radar Now and WiFi Analyzer and the Google Launcher/Google Now app.

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So I ran a quick Geekbench 3 test on the tablet and the multi-core score isn’t bad at all. Let’s not forget that this is a $119 tablet, click the image for full size.


Below is a short unboxing and general info video I shot using my BLU Studio X phone, yes, it is not a great video, but as I always say, this ain’t Hollywood and I ain’t John Ford.

Below is a short video showing gaming performance on this tablet. Keep in mind this was shot using the built-in screen recording software and is highly compressed. The actual video on the screen was clear as a bell.

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  • Very Fast
  • Low Cost
  • MicroSD slot
  • Full usb slot


  • Older Android Version
  • The camera is horrible