New plugin added for testing tonight. Visitor Maps and Who’s Online

visitor_maps_screenshotSo because I never sleep, or so it seems lately, I was all excited to do some more testing on the super cool Asus Memo Pad HD7 tablet server I am running here just as soon as I got home from work.  Of course a tablet server only seems cool if it is 2am and you have been up for 18 hrs or so, but I was excited.

So I decided to just start trying plugins for the next week or so. Tonight’s project was to install,  “Visitor Maps and Who’s Online” which lets you display who is currently online and a map of where those folks have come from,  among other things. There is quite a bit of extra info available for the site admin.

The plugin works perfectly, except you will find one glitch in the install and that is a line in the database update script which will attempt to chmod the geoIP database download to 0644. Can’t do that on a tablet, so, poof, error time. But you can look at the actual script file in here: wp-contents/plugins/visitor-maps/class-wo-update.php . Just edit the file to change the chmod option to 0. There is also an error that will occur after installing new plugins as all the plugins are re-activated, just look for “chmod” in the visitor-maps.php file and comment out that line ( just place // in front of the line ). Then it all works like a champ.

The link to the map it creates is on the right column of this site (it’s right under that poll you didn’t vote on).  It will be much easier to spot on a phone/tablet if you are viewing this site in landscape. If you don’t see the right column, then just click right here to see the map.

A nice bonus of using this plugin is that you can see where visitors are coming from and how many visits they have made. For instance I have had more than 9 visits from a single IP address in China. Obviously this is a bit suspicious so I will probably be blocking that IP from my site. 

You can find this plugin on by clicking here.

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Visitor Maps and Who's Online


Easy to install/config


Plenty of options


No Glitches





  • Good documentation
  • Works great
  • Very handy visitor list


  • Some editing required on Android