Review : Optimze Your Database Plugin. It Works and Does Save Space.

Screenshot_2015-10-24-17-57-32So a day or so ago I installed a plugin called “Optimize Database after Deleting Revisionsand it really does a nice job of cleaning up your database and has numerous setting of a useful nature. It can dump your trash, delete comments marked as spam and save a lot of room in the database itself.

Below is a screenshot of the app….



I know, this isn’t a typical tablet article, but if you look through the archives you will see that this particular site has always been my testbed for apps and plugins.

Here is a short video for the younger generation who must see it on “YouTube”…

So below you will find my review on this product and as usual, the disclaimer is: ‘The views on this site are neither compensated, nor approved by the maker of any product, software or other item reviewed”.

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