Review: UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin for WordPress

Updraft_logo1For those who have frequented this site a few times you will already be aware that occasionally my poor little Asus Memo Pad HD7 allows my database to go to hell in a handcart. Requiring me to learn how to either fix a database or restore one from a previous backup.

Bottom line is that you do need to run backups so I now have a routine for doing just that, but a one click backup is certainly easier and faster than copying all my main files and then exporting and saving a database.

So today I installed a very nice plugin called Updraft Plus Backup. It does all that stuff for you and it will upload to a variety of locations including Google drive.  It is extremely easy to use in it’s most basic form and you can have a full backup in just a few minutes. The downsides are for those non-experts or simply lazy folks who can’t navigate the Google API stuff or do no have a cloud server available to store data on. For those folks you will have to run a back-up and then manually upload to a storage spot of your choice. A short update here (09/27/14), after getting myself a Dropbox account I now can report that using the automatic uploads feature works quite nicely, so the scores for this plugin are hereby raised a bit.

The upside of course is that in most cases, unless your server crashes completely and all data is lost, you will be able to recover it all and restore your site. I have set mine to auto-backup every 2 weeks but I will still run my manual backups in between. Below you will find a few screenshots of the app as it appears on my tablet server.



Over all I am going to give this plugin a score of 4.5 and that is only because of the complexity, for the average blog owner, of the uploads feature.  I still highly recommend this plugin.

The author of this post is not connected in any way with the creators of the plugin(s) reviewed and all opinions are strictly his. No guarantees of performance or reliability are either given or inferred.

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UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration for WordPress


Easy of install


Ease of configuration


Options Available


Dropbox uploads



  • Easy to install
  • One click backups
  • Scheduled backups
  • Email notifications


  • Google Drive uploads are complex