Why Asus makes the best stuff out there…and why I keep buying it.

Asus_A7VI bought my first Asus product in 2000, an Asus A7-V motherboard, from which I am still running my Linux pc at home (and from which I am writing this article, because a keyboard beats a touchscreen keyboard any day of the week).

I now run this server on an Asus MeMo Pad HD7, which is by far the best deal on a tablet that anyone, anywhere can buy. It’s fast,  has decent cameras and has zero issues. The bottom line is that they make really, really good stuff! I will admit that I was disappointed that the new Memo Pad 7 didn’t have decent cameras, but it is still a great product at a decent price.

There are tons of bleeding edge products out there but for bang-for-the-buck, Asus is the Honda of digital products.
I have pushed my little HD7 to the absolute limit of reasonable use and even running a web server it has never failed to disappoint me.


asus-transformer-pad-tf103cThat’s why my next PC will be a Transformer Pad or Transformer Book. Not an iPad, not a Samsung and not any Microcrap device.

Of course I would certainly appreciate some feedback on what folks think about the Transformer Pad/book series. What are the upsides and what are the downsides? Let me know because frankly I need to know before I upgrade again, since I tend to keep stuff for upwards of 10 years before moving on. Feel free to add your feedback via comments, on Google+ or via the poll below (“other” answers are saved).

What do you think of the Asus Transformer Pad/Book Products?


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