Occasionally, I try stuff, just to push the envelope…KSWeb on a Blu Studio X? Yeah, it works!

Screenshot of the Blu Studio Server

So tonite I decided to try installing a KSWeb app based web server on my dirt cheap BLU Studio X phone. Why you may ask? Well because I needed to see if it could be done.

The answer is, yes it can. It runs quite well and I imported/moved all the posts from my Dragon Touch Tablet onto the phone.

Sure, there are issues, such as the fact that the WiFi will only stay on when plugged in, same issue I have with my Dragon Touch tablet. Android 5.02 on the BLU and Android 4.4.4 on the Dragon Touch. Apparently this is a common problem.


But  the screenshot above was shot on my Dell while viewing the BLU Studio X version of the server. As always, check the  “About” page to see which one you are viewing.

Note: This server only runs in the evening from 11pm-6am Chicago time (CST)

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