First impressions, Asus X553SA Laptop

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So yesterday I picked up the new Asus laptop from Best Buy. I am happy to report that it works very well. Setup was a matter of charging it for a few hours and hitting the on button.

Windows 10 ran a few updates and then I immediately installed Chrome as the browser and removed any bloatware that was pre-installed.

As far as speed goes it is quite fast and considering the price of $199 the sound and display quality are well above average! It could use more than 2 USB ports but I can always add a USB hub.

The keyboard has nice large keys and a huge trackpad which works great. It picked up my Logitech wireless mouse and the HP printer and those function perfectly with no setup issues at all.

So all in all I would give this product a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

(I apologize for the video quality, since I failed to set a decent frame rate while screen capturing).

This video has a better frame rate! The music still stinks, but this ain’t Hollywood…

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Asus X553SA Laptop











  • Windows 10
  • Great Display
  • Very good sound


  • Not enough USB ports