Dragon Touch Report, The Server is running great!

IMG_20160319_132307This post was originally posted on the Dragon Touch Tablet Server.

So this being a Saturday I am watching some sports, and having a great lunch. Today the DTX10 is at home being a web server. Why is that you might ask? Well today we are trying out the Asus Z580CA with the Logitech K480 keyboard.

That is the great thing about using a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard versus buying one of those expensive tablet/keyboard combos that limit the keyboard to only one device. I can setup the K480 to connect to 3 different devices and change up my “LogiTab” easily from the Dragon Touch to this Asus in seconds.

Today’s report is being written on the Asus Zenpad S 8.0 (Z580CA) and it works flawlessly with this BT keyboard. Sure it is a bit smaller than the Dragon touch but more than adequate for the task at hand. The only downside to this setup is that I still need to purchase an adapter to go from USB C to regular USB so I can plug in my wireless mouse. But the keyboard has more than enough specialty keys to allow me to navigate without ever have to touch the screen.

So back to the Dragon Touch, as usual there is nothing much new to report, it is still working great and still has plenty of room left for any apps I ever need to install and the battery life is as always great!


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