My Digital Conundrum, Choices, Choices…Tablet, Combo, Laptop or Desktop?

So my old and trusty PC from which I type most of my posts is reaching the end of it’s life-cycle. Actually it is well beyond it’s life-cycle by about 10 years. The old Duron 1-Ghz processor can no longer handle the chores of modern computing and that leads me to wonder just how I should replace this beast and with what item or items first.

A used desktop with a dual core or better processor and at least a 120-gb hard drive and 4-gb ram would do the trick with Windows 7 and Virtualbox running Linux when needed (which is about everyday and perhaps it would be Linux with a VirtualBox Win7 running when needed). That would not solve my issues with trying to use my little Memo pad for a server and doing multiple other chores with it on a daily basis, as an older desktop would still leave me without a killer mobile device (smartphones just aren’t good enough yet).

But then again there is the allure of a nicer tablet with the latest Quad Core processor and a few gb of ram. The next choice is a device such as an Asus Transformer book, which would do the job nicely, but would cost far more than a used desktop. It would do what my desktop does and provide a nice mobile platform.

A laptop, while adequate, would also be on the more expensive side and they do have limitations, most notably crappy battery life and less than ideal portability.

I guess if I had an unlimited budget this would be a no-brainer, but in my case I will be purchasing my upgrades a few months apart, so the real question is what to buy first? I am leaning towards the used desktop because it will give me Linux and Windows capabilities at a very low price. But I would like to hear suggestions from other minds who may have a different perspective than mine. So let the comments flow, either here or on Google +. I want some serious feedback on this, because at this point I am just a bit confused on my next step. That isn’t to say that by morning the answer will be crystal clear to me, but I would still like some input.

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