It is Time for a Product Review on the Chuwi HiBook Tablet. Full Review With Ratings,etc.

HiBook_a1_05 Since I have had the Chuwi HiBook for several weeks now and I love the damned thing, I figure a review was in order! It has some minor drawbacks, but overall it is a damned nice product for the money!

First the stuff I like:

  • I like Windows 10! (mostly because I can run a Linux Virtual Machine on it)
  • Plenty of speed, the processor doesn’t seem to have many issues at all, even when running a VM and using Windows programs.
  • The display is very bright and sharp and the associated graphics processor does well with games!
  • It is a dual boot so Android apps are always available to me!

Now the stuff I don’t like:

  • It does use quite a bit of battery very quickly in Windows 10, although not bad at all in Android. However it will still suffice for about 7 hrs of basic work in Win 10.
  • It could use a full size USB port, but that is rather nit-picking,  but the Dragon Touch X10 spoiled me.
  • Since Windows 10 seems to take over the microSD card, they could have left another 5 gb free for Android.

So those are my perceptions after using it for roughly 12 days. Some other points here, it works fantastic with my K480 Bluetooth Keyboard and also with a wireless Logitech mouse, no matter if I use the micro-USB or USB C port (both used with an adapter). One last nit pick, the back cover of the Chuwi is slicker than owl-poopy, it would be nice to have a textured finish it on.

Overall I am rating this a 5 out of 5 on my personal scale. However, if I were you, the reader, I would seriously consider getting the HiBook Pro which is the same basic tablet, with a better display and a huge battery. I paid $188 for this one on Amazon, but I have seen the HiBook Pro for not a whole lot more on Gearbest.Com.


Please note: all opinions expressed in this review are mine and in no way should they be construed as an endorsement nor condemnation of any product. I always suggest folks check multiple sources before purchasing anything.

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Chuwi HiBook Tablet








Ease of setup



  • Build Quality
  • Display
  • Speed
  • Dual-Boot!


  • Battery
  • needs another USB port