Just a Short Test of the Raspberry Pi Pixel OS For x86 on the Chuwi HiBook Tablet (video)

By Tim

Earlier today I posted up a story on my other site about the x86 port of Raspberry PI Pixel for PC’s, ( If you follow the link  to that post you can get the download link). I was intrigued, so I went ahead and downloaded it right away. That of course set the stage for another crappy video from HiBook Labs!

The Pixel OS works pretty well when running on my Chuwi HiBook tablet. Of course I realize that the tablet isn’t exactly the older PC hardware that this OS is aimed at, but you know, it just had to be tested on the HiBook. It actually works quite well, although I decided to shoot the video from my super BLU Studio Energy2 phone, to save me time installing a lot of software.


I did go ahead and install the GIMP just to make sure the basic apt-get functions worked and it worked fine.

Below is a rather short video which actually contains some useful info on setting up your display.

That is it for tonight’s testing.


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