The Zotac ZBox CI323 is Up and Running! Some Early Impressions.

By Tim

The parts all arrived for the Zotac ZBox mini PC yesterday and it took roughly 4 minutes to install the Corsair 8gb ram memory and the SP 240gb SSD.

After doing that I went ahead and installed Ubuntu-Mate onto the new little PC. All went perfectly and the Bluetooth hooked up immediately to my K480 keyboard and the wireless ac got a connection to my router at 433 mb/s. I went ahead and installed all the updates and a few of my favorite packages such as the GIMP and Chrome, and SimpleScreenRecorder.


All went perfectly in Linux and so I moved on to Windows 7. No matter what I did I could not get mouse or keyboard access, even while using a USB keyboard/mouse. With neither of those working I could not get past the initial setup screen.

I then moved on to Windows 10 which installed perfectly and had zero issues at all.  After 2 reboots I had all the updates installed and then switched over to an ethernet gigabit direct connect to the router. I then installed VMware and moved my primary server onto the Zotac Zbox.

So far the server is running fine and I expect that this post will eventually auto-post to the new little server.

The ZBox does seem to run a bit warmer than expected, but it by no means gets what you would call hot. I will eventually figure out the Windows 7 install issues and test that also, but in the meantime I am rather happy with my purchase.

Incidentally, the noisiest PC in the house is now my Asus notebook, which barely makes a sound. Any advice on the Win7 install would be appreciated, (leave a comment!).


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