So What Is The Verdict on The Zotac ZBox Nano CI323 Mini PC? A Review…So Far It Is Great

By Tim

I have now had the Zotac ZBox Nano CI323 Mini PC for a few weeks and it is time to write a full review. I will start with a short overview of the hardware. Physically, it is tiny! It has more ports than I need and does Ethernet at gigabit speeds (2 ports) and WiFi ac at 433 mb/s and the Bluetooth works fine with my K480 Logitech keyboard should I choose to use it.

The SP 240 GB SSD is super fast, as is the Corsair 1600 MHz DDR3L ram. So as far as I am concerned choosing to go with an SSD was definitely the right choice! The read- write speeds for everyday use are outstanding!


Of course I ran some disk speed tests to confirm my impressions of how fast it seemed and yeah, they certainly confirmed what my eyes were seeing.

The 8 GB ram clocked at 1600 MHz certainly does no harm to the super fast speed of this PC!

The Geekbench scores beat my old Dell Optiplex 745, at least in multi-core numbers. So that was good also!

Zotac CI323 Results

So as far as I am concerned, if you need a nice home PC, that will get the job done and are not buying it to play games on, this might be the type of device you should consider! This thing will edit photos, run a Virtual Linux Machine with a server on it all day long and still run Office apps and let you surf the web and post stupid crap on Facebook to your hearts content!

It does have one downside…there is no sound from the PC, zero, zilch nada! I am not talking about speakers and music here, that crap works fine. I am talking about the whir of fans and the whine of disk drives. My workstation here at home is now silent…and it is creepy…I can hear the voices…and they are saying strange things…


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Zotac ZBox Nano CI323

Zotac ZBox Nano CI323



Power Consumption




Build Quality



  • Super Fast
  • Easy To Setup
  • Lots of Ports
  • WiFi ac


  • NONE

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