A Short Note on Comments From The Editor

We have roughly 75 registered users on this site and quite a few visitors per day. However participation is absolutely nil.

I will explain this as simply as possible. Anyone can leave a comment, but if you put in a URL in your comment, the system will auto delete it. If you don’t scroll all the way down and check off the recaptcha box, the system will auto delete it, or at least warn you.

Do not waste your time trying to advertise your website, because it simply ain’t gonna happen kiddies.


Below are the recent stats:

  • Comment Blocks 395 <—bots
  • Firewall Blocks 74
  • Login Blocks 1349
  • Login Verified 44
  • IP Auto Black-Listed 1938 <—- bots
  • Total Transgressions 1668

Follow the rules, be courteous and perhaps we will actually get some conversations going.


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