Kodi on The HiBook Chapter 2: Trying It With Chromecast.

By Tim

The other day I wrote about how I installed Kodi on pretty much every device I own and it is great, but I sort of wanted to be able to use it with my TV.

So I began my search of videos on how to do this BEFORE investing in a Chromecast from Google and was pleasantly surprised that it was a fairly simple procedure to cast from an Android device to a TV with an HDMI input.


So since the Chromecast was on sale for only $30 I picked one up at the local Walmart at lunchtime today and was able to cast to a TV at work, via my phone within the hour. I have to admit, that even using it on my phone was not at all difficult and considering the fact you can watch full TV episodes minus those annoying commercials the time spent getting to a source and starting playback sure beats the constant commercial interruptions of normal programming.

I’ll be testing it out on the Chuwi HiBook tonight and expect the same results, at least in Android.

Below is a short video on how to cast from your Android phone/tablet to Chromecast using an app called Localcast.

The neat thing about streaming this way is that you can still use your phone/tablet for other things. Once started the phone becomes sort of the remote but you can still take calls and visit web sites, etc.

That is all for today…so far…


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