It Was Surprisingly Easy To Reset the Asus X553SA Back To Factory Defaults

By Tim

Doing a Reset Back to Factory Settings is Actually Easy!

Today I believe I am going to be selling my Asus X553SA. So last night I needed to wipe it and have it all ready for the buyer with a nice clean drive.

It was surprisingly easy to do. All I had to do was go to settings and pick the Update and Security Settings and then select Recovery from the menu on the left. I then chose to wipe everything and a mere 4 hrs later it was done.


Well, not exactly done, because it is now installing the big Windows update from last year, but I have no doubt that will go well. Just be certain when you do a reset to make sure you are plugged in and not on battery because no battery is going to last through a recovery/Windows 10 update cycle.


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