Another Saturday,Another Edition Of The HiBook News: This Edition, Dealing With Customer Service

By Tim

This week I am dealing with the issue of my Chuwi Hi12 which arrived with a defective display. So far the results are rather dismal. The only advice they gave was to restart the tablet holding down the volume and power keys at the same time.


Since I have owned numerous tablets, this was the first thing I tried at least 5 times before ever contacting Customer Service. Obviously they have a script they go off of, but the biggest issue is the delay in replies to my emails. Their response time is roughly 36 hrs plus, which isn’t exactly speedy. Bottom line here is that after trying the tablet again the other night I now don’t even get a boot-up. The LED simply blinks as if it is charging. I eventually expect them to RMA the product so I can finally get one that works.

I will continue to report on this, but moving on to the HiBook, it is working pretty well after the BIOS update and the memory speed setting change. I do have a minor issue with it not recognizing the wireless mouse on start-up but that could be a mouse issue. So I am happy with the update so far.

That is all,


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