It Is Time Once Again For The HiBook News! Today: Finally Shipped the Hi12 Back!

By Tim

Today I finally shipped the Hi12 back to BangGood at the address they finally provided.  So that makes it an even month since I first ordered it. They asked me to provide the lowest cost shipping possible and in rural Kentucky that pretty much meant using the US Postal service which still cost a bundle to send it with a tracking number. $60 to be exact!

I have no clue if they are going to cover my return shipping or not and at this point I was just glad to send the tablet back from whence it came. So now we wait, probably another 30 days before I even get my hands on a working Hi12.

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So while ordering a tablet from a Chinese retailer is inexpensive to start with, be prepared for a long return process if the item is defective.  I would have hoped they had a US warehouse to ship it back to, but I don’t think that Banggood has a warehouse here, Gearbest however does, but they didn’t put the Hi12 on sale until this week.

The HiBook of course is still working perfectly, although today I am having mouse issues because I am using a crap $1.50 mouse I bought for the Dragon Touch X10 back in 2015 and the cursor just sort of drifts around with no control. But that is okay, because this is a touch screen after all and I have resorted to using my finger as a pointer.

That is pretty much all I have for today, except I did order another super cheap wireless mouse for this tablet from Amazon!


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