Samsung announces its newest flagship, the Galaxy S8 and S8+

By Ron Amadeo


NEW YORK CITY—After months of speculation and leaks, Samsung has finally made the Galaxy S8 official. It’s everything we were expecting based on weeks of leaks: a major redesign of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, and a departure from the design language of the Galaxy S6 and S7.


This launch is an especially important one for Samsung. Its normal mid-year flagship, the Galaxy Note 7, went down in flames late last year. The company attempted to compensate with a new color option and a renewed advertising push for the Galaxy S7, but it still left a gap in Samsung’s lineup, and we still don’t know how much damage the recall, re-release, and re-recall of a major phone is going to affect the Galaxy brand.

Samsung’s Unpacked announcement event is ongoing, and we’ll continue to update this post with new details as we have them.

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