Tonight Once Again THE Tablet Test Server is on a Kindle Fire!

A Kindle Fire Running a Server? Yepper!

Yes, I have once again gone back to the Kindle Fire 7 inch dirt cheap tablet and restored the latest version of the tablet server on to it!

I am trying to figure out how to keep the screen alive for more than 30 minutes right now, so it won’t fall asleep. So far no luck on that front but it will be available until 11:15 PM CDT unless I find a cure before that time, after that all will revert to the server on either the tablet or the primary Zotac here.

Perhaps there is an app out there to keep it awake, but so far, no luck. I skipped posting this to the tablet server first because I have no intention of having to run another backup/restore this evening.


If anyone knows, a comment, without the spam might be useful…


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