So The New Hi12 Tablet is Still Being Setup Like I Want It. Dumping Unnecessary Files and Running Updates

It’s the New Hi12 Logitab!

So far today I have been watching as Windows 10 very, very slowly un-indexed all the files on the C:\ drive, thereby saving me a little space. That process took an incredibly painful 3.5 hrs to finish.

3.5 hrs to simply un-index the drive? Yeah.

Then we moved on to disk cleanup, which is still currently running, once again promising to free up a whopping 3.99 TB, yeah, Terabytes on a 64 GB drive. One must marvel at Microsoft math. We are currently at about 1.25 hrs on that process, but my guess is that it will free up roughly 3 GB of disk space, most of which is Windows Update leftovers.

Disk Cleanup Also Takes Forever!

So after cleaning all those files out I gained a whopping 500 MB so it really wasn’t worth the effort. But on a more positive note, after using the tablet all day long for over 8 hrs, I am still showing 41 % battery remaining!



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