The HiBook News: This Edition; Cleaning Up the Hi12 Tablet After The Creators Update and Other Stuff

By Tim

Tonight I decided to quit waiting on Microsoft for the latest Windows 10 update and went ahead and followed their instructions to update both my Zotac Mini-PC and the new Hi12.

Of course there were glitches, like the fact that on the Hi12 it was virtually impossible to delete the previous version no matter how many times I ran the Microcrap Disk Cleanup program. This didn’t shock me and I just happened to run across an article mentioning that Win 10 would dump that folder after a month, so I simply changed the date to May 22, (it is currently April 21), then I rebooted and lo and behold this time Disk cleanup worked as advertised. I went from 6 GB free space to 14.1 GB free.


Had that failed I would have simply went into the bios and booted to a “Live CD” version of Linux via a USB stick and then deleted that c:\windows.old folder.

So here we are running on the Hi12 at this time with a decent amount of free disk space and all seems well.

Of course the other thing I realized tonight is that I do not pay much attention to detail when watching all the video reviews before I purchase a product. I finally remembered that the Hi12 has a shipping screen protector that is quite obvious because of the little tab that says tear me off, but I failed to remove the second screen protector that is under the shipping one! So I pulled it off and all I can say is holy shit what a bright display!

Of course that isn’t that big of a deal, it was rather obvious when looking at the front facing camera, since you could see the hole in it for the cam. However, I must admit I have had the HiBook since August and it does not have that telltale hole for the from cam and guess what? Uh, yep, it had a factory screen protector also and all I can say after removing it is, Holy SHIT that is a great display!

That is all for this evening,


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