My Review of The Chuwi Hi12 Tablet, Dual Boot (With the Z8350 CPU): Video

By Tim

Since I have had my hands on this tablet for a good deal of time, I thought I should write a review and include one of my crappy videos shot on the BLU Studio Energy 2 phone, which incidentally is on day 3 of a charge and still has 28% battery.

So the new tablet has performed as expected and works extremely well in Windows 10, although the Android portion is just so-so. It has a lot of positives and a few negatives and I shall now list those below.



  • Stunning display, incredibly bright! Sharp and can be run comfortably at 25% unless in bright lighting.
  • Battery life is stellar. I never bring a charger with me to work and get through an entire day of web editing, image editing, using Office and Paintshop Pro and I go home at no less than 48% battery!
  • Speed is good, apps open quickly and running multiple apps is not an issue.
  • Works perfectly with my K480 Keyboard and is essentially a 12 inch notebook when used this way.

Now on to the negatives:

  • When the screen falls asleep it can be a pain to wake it up. It can take 2-3 seconds to respond to a mouse click or to pressing the Windows button.
  • I have been unable to increase the RAM speed to 1600 MHz as this may require a BIOS update which I have yet to find.
  • The Touch screen does not allow me to choose an operating system on boot-up, although I can switch to Android or back once booted in.
  • The Chuwi Forum is a horrible place to find info on this device. The downloads/tutorials are almost indecipherable and just joining the forum took me over a month to get a link to verify my email address.

However, considering the $235 price tag, I would still recommend this tablet to anyone looking for long battery life and a great display. Sorry, you won’t see any game testing results here because I sort of outgrew those when I became an adult.

Below you will find the usual crappy video…enjoy!

Last but not least this post was written on the Chuwi Hi12 running a VM perfectly in Linux, just thought I would point that out.

That is all for now,


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Chuwi Hi12 Tablet

Chuwi Hi12 Tablet



Battery Life




Build Quality



  • Display is stunning
  • Battery Life is awesome
  • Overall performance is great
  • Makes a great little notebook!


  • Screen tends to time out and not wake up
  • Can't increase the memory speed to the full 1600MHz
  • The support forum at Chuwi stinks
  • Needs a bios update