So How Well Does The Hi12 Handle Warm Temperatures? Turns Out It Does Very Well.

By Tim

Today I was, as usual, using the Hi12 tablet with my Logitech K480 keyboard and a wireless mouse for the usual work related stuff. Editing web sites, looking things up, watch a video and some light Excel use.

Today however was supposed to be quite warm and I was curious to see what the internal temps would run at, so over a period of 8 hrs I took some screen captures of what HWInfo was telling me. Surprisingly with the ambient temperature hovering a little over 91F the tablet never got all that hot at all.


It appears as if the highest temp reached all day was 60C, but the averages, although they did creep up a bit, never went beyond about 48C

Below you will see several of the screenshots I took today.

Keep in mind that the tablet is surrounded by a leather case and that I was running on the ComFast Dual-Band adapter, with the internal WiFi also running, so I was surprised temps didn’t get quite a bit higher.  Battery life seemed none the worse either, as at the 8 hr mark I had 49% battery remaining.

That is all for now,


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Source:: THE Tablet Test Server

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