The HiBook News: This Edition, Rumors And Poorly Written Software

By Tim

So not a whole lot to report on this week at HiBook Labs. However there were  some interesting developments along the software front.  I will get to that in a moment.

We also have a very interesting rumor from the folks at Chuwi concerning a 14.1 inch, all metal, super thin notebook that they are presumably going to be marketing as the LapBook Air At 6mm thick and only 1.3 kg,  it sounds like a very thin and light notebook.

We should have more details on it soon, but I haven’t found out any more real details as of this morning.

Now onto some issues I had with the Hi12 and some software that just doesn’t work all that well. The software in question was the Intel Driver Update Utility. Which when I first installed it worked fine and installed the latest video drivers onto the Hi12. Friday morning however was another story.

I had left the Hi12 running the server and taken the HiBook to work. So I started a backup on the Hi12 server before I went into work. Normally a backup takes roughly 20 minutes to finish. Not this time, it was 2.5 hrs. before I finally saw the “backup complete” on my browser on the HiBook.  So at lunchtime I headed home to do a quick switch over to the HiBook as the server, which took roughly 6 minutes to restore. Then I looked at the Hi12 and I must have had about 200 notifications from the Intel Driver Update Utility and it was pushing out a new notification every 4-5 seconds.

I rebooted the Hi12 and still the same constant driver update notifications, non-stop. So to make a long story short, I un-installed the Intel Driver Update Utility. Right after that I ran another backup just for grins and it took a mere 19 min. to compress and upload the files.

This may be just an issue with the Hi12, but this is the reason I normally stay away from any automated update software. Incidentally you can still get an Hi12 for $232 on Gearbest.

That is all I have for today,


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