Google Has Apparently Placed Orders for a Detachable Pixelbook

By Radu Iorga

Google is expanding its format variety for the recently announced Pixelbook and it would appear that this time they’re going with with a detachable model. The device already had a 360 degree foldable touchscreen, but you couldn’t take it apart.

Sources from the supply chain are now mentioning a version made by Quanta Computer that will allow this detachment. Quanta has declined to comment on the orders or clients. Google debuted the Pixelbook last week, with the Pixel 2 phones and it should hit the market soon. The whole idea of a Chromebook Pixel came to life in 2013 and the second generation arrived in 2015.

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Google has been working in the meantime with brand vendors like Acer, ASUS, Lenovo and Samsung to make a big push for the Chromebooks in the education segment. They have succeeded, judging by the simple fact that 58% of mobile devices in the K12 education sector ran Chrome OS in 2016. Windows had a 22% share and iOS 14%. Lately though, Chromebooks have been getting pricier and better specced, although not exactly on par with Windows 10 models.

We now learn that Google may be paying Quanta to make a detachable Pixelbook with a 12 inch touchscreen. It’s not yet clear if it will keep the specs or not, but we may expect a midrange or even entry level version of it, as Google itself has teased.

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