ComFast Dual Band USB WiFi Adapter Review

I have had the ComFast Dual Band, (2.4/5Ghz), adapter since late May and although I have written a few articles on it I thought it was time for a full review.

This little adapter solves a myriad of issues for those who happen to only have a slower built in adapter on their tablets or notebooks that are only running wireless “n” speeds.

It will plug into any standard USB full size port and the bonus is that it is reversible. There is no “wrong way” to plug it in, so that makes it quite handy, especially f you don’t want the extremely bright led blinking at you. I have also used it on my HiBook with a full USB to USB C adapter and it works fine.

For less than $10.00 this is a very good deal. It should be capable, according to the specs, of 600 mb/s but with my home router I get about 433 mb/s which is still much faster than wireless “n” speeds. Speeds will obviously be dependent upon the router you use it with.

It does have a few downsides, which are quite minor. The first being the incredibly bright blue police cruiser intensity led, which if you plug it it with it facing away, then it is not an issue. The second one is that on a tablet with a small battery you will notice the extra battery consumption. On my Hi12 it makes no real dent in the battery life, but we are talking an 11000 mAh battery, while on the HiBook with a battery half the size, I do notice it.  So that is all of the downsides and as I stated not major at all.

So all of the above being said I am giving this one 5 out of 5 stars on my review scale! You can find the product right here currently at $9.99.


The author of this post is not connected in any way with the creators of the product reviewed and all opinions are strictly his. No guarantees of performance or reliability are either given nor inferred.

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ComFast CF - 913AC Wireless USB Adapter








Build Quality



  • Fast
  • Reverseable
  • Dirt Cheap
  • Reliable


  • Bright Led is annoying
  • consumes power on smaller devices