Intel will ship processors with integrated AMD graphics and memory

By Peter Bright

Enlarge / Intel’s render of an 8th generation H-series processor. The discrete GPU and stacked HBM2 memory are side-by-side. (credit: Intel)

In a bid to build better chips for gamers and other PC enthusiasts, Intel has announced the 8th-generation H-series mobile processors will have a feature that’s nothing short of astonishing: they’ll integrate AMD GPUs.


The 8th generation mobile processors currently on the market are U-series chips. These are 15W processors using a revised version of the 7th-generation Kaby Lake architecture. The GPUs of these chips are part of the same piece of silicon as the CPU. In moving from 7th to 8th generation, the number of CPU cores and threads doubled to four and eight respectively. Aside from some minor changes however, the GPUs portions are largely unchanged since the 6th-generation Skylake.

H-series chips have a bigger power envelope; for the 7th generation, the chip can draw up to 45W. In the past, they’ve used that higher power rating to support more cores and higher clock speeds—they’ve had four cores and eight threads for several generations now—but they’ve sported substantially the same integrated GPUs as the low-power parts.

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Source:: Ars Technica Gadgets

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