Another Video Worth Sharing: Top 3 Cheap Tablets For 2017

By Tim

Today we have a video from Chris over at TechTablets on the top 3 budget tablets he has tested this year. These are all Android tablets and all are priced very well for budget consumers.

The 3 tablets he is covering are the Lenovo P8, the Teclast Master T10 and the iFive Mini 4s. These are all excellent devices and all at reasonable prices

Discount of $109.99 for Leagoo Mix @GearBest from Aug.21- Sep.4

Each has advantages and disadvantages, but all 3 have laminated, good resolution displays.

I am not gong to go into the specs on them all because the video covers all that for you.

So next we will go right to the video and as usual make sure to subscribe to the TechTablets site if this sort of info interests you!

Below are some links to the best prices I have found on the 3 tablets, as usual shop around a bit before buying.

The above prices are all on Gearbest, I suggest checking also to compare.

That is all for now,


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