Best Prices I Have Found Today on 2 Great Notebooks!

By Tim

Any regular visitor to this site knows I am looking for a new notebook PC and I have my eyes on just 2 of them at the current time.

They are the Jumper EzBook 3 Pro and the Chuwi LapBook Air. Both of which are on sale at decent prices right now! Yes, it is a bit late to be ordering as an Xmas gift but still each one is the perfect laptop/notebook for everyday use on the web, using Office applications, reading email, watching videos, etc.


They offer great battery life, weigh virtually nothing and are well built and have a little hatch on the bottom of them to expand storage with a 2242 M2 SATA SSD drive making them super fast and efficient!

Both of these devices will get the job done for basic everyday chores and possibly surprise you if you think you need to spend hundreds more on a notebook.

So below are the links to each device and the prices at the time of this post.

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro, 13.3 inch notebook PC at $239!

Chuwi LapBook Air, 14.1 inch notebook PC at $379!

I have been looking into these budget laptops/notebooks for months and there is more info here.

That will be all for now,


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