The HiBook News: This Edition, Moving Woes, Phone Connect Ain’t Hacking It

By Tim

So we have now moved to a new location and I have no cable as yet so we are running the server off of shared Linux hosting on, which works great, but sort of defeats the purpose of this site.

The hosting is working great once I ironed out the glitches and for less than $6.00 bucks a month you certainly can’t be the price anywhere and tech support is pretty damned good!

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But…when editing a post on any of my sites I often run into an error from my connection that says “err_connection_reset”. Once that happens I can’t connect to any of my sites.

This only happens with my sites and I have run pings and trace route and it appears to be an issue with the phone itself, because I can walk across the street and connect to the local gas station WiFi and all is well.

So on to other subjects to reduce Cell data usage I have been listening to music  but I have realized that all Win 10 media players are crap and I am back to using the now defunct WinAmp which is still the best MP3 player ever made! 15 years later it is still the best!

That is all for now,


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