The HiBook And Logitech K480 Save The Day Again!

By Tim

Today I was sick. I had a temperature and could not get warm all day. However I still went to work because I can be miserable there just as easily as at home and I simply don’t like to miss work. So after 8 hrs of misery I head home with the idea of getting horizontal under a dozen blankets and trying to get some sleep. Of course that plan never panned out out because I decided to fire up the Zotac PC and check the sites and any emails I might have. Well it just didn’t go well because I managed to spill my soda into my USB keyboard before ever getting logged in.

So I unplugged it, flipped it upside down so the soda would not head inside the keyboard, but out. Great plan, with a 99.99% success rate. I set the keyboard over a heat vent and let it dry for about 25 minutes. Moving on, I plugged it back in and all the keys seemed to work except 1, the letter “p”. Yeah you guessed it, my Win 10 login has a “p” in the password! Worse yet, Bluetooth was not turned on. Well I am sick and it is about 25F outside so I am not running to the store that is about a half mile away to get a new keyboard.

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So what does one do in this situation? Well I still have my WiFi router and I do have 2 tablets, both capable of connecting to the router and it hit me after 5 minutes of reasoning things out. I plugged the Ethernet cable into the Zotac and fired up the HiBook, logged into the admin panel of the router, figured out which IP the PC had obtained and then I used VNC viewer to connect to the VNC service on the Zotac. Within a minute I had logged in, turned on Bluetooth and then I paired up the LogiTech K480!

So once again the LogiTab has saved my bacon and taught me that I simply do not need two keyboards anyway! With a simple rotation of the knob on the K480 I can go from either tablet or to the Zotac!

However I would like to point out to folks that if you check E-Bay you can still find a LogiTech K480 keyboard for about $21-$23 with free shipping. Do not buy those add-on keyboards for your tablets, go bluetooth and it will save your bacon! This keyboard is by far the best $27 I ever spent on anything computer related and if you have a 10.1 inch tablet you won’t need a stand to use it, because the slot at the top of the keyboard will do the trick!

That is all I have for this evening,
I am hitting the hay…


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