Why I Believe That Tablet Sales Are Down: It Is Simple, They Are Feeding Us Crap!

By Tim

After reading the title you might be thinking that tablets are crap, but that is not the case. The real issue here is poor marketing and a failure to realize that they simply are not making good choices with marketing, storage and the concept of a tablet.

Make no mistake about it, most tablets can do what ANY PC can, albeit slower and on a smaller screen. But on the other hand they can also do what a smartphone/phablet does faster and easier than any smartphone.


So the question here is why are not tablets selling like hotcakes? It has to do with short sighted thinking and poor designs and horrible marketing choices.

Are they portable? YES! Are they easily a superior viewing device for the web,? Yes! Are they fast enough for day to day PC chores? Yes! So why the crappy sales number over the last 2+ years?

It is really quite simple, the manufacturers of these devices have lost focus! They are trying to produce super cheap tablets, which is great, but they haven’t caught on to reality! Touch screens are great, but if you want to make your tablet truly useful the touch screen is a secondary item!

We all have a smartphone these days which in general allows you to view the internet in a tiny space and use a touch screen. That is cool, but the touch screen in general is an inefficient way to interact with your device, as a keyboard and mouse are far superior and make your life simple and never leave fingerprints!

Face it, a modern tablet is simply a flat, thin, all-in-one PC, whether it be Android or Windows 10.

So why are folks not buying these for home use? There are several reasons.

Number 1 is storage! Why in the hell would you ever purchase a device with less than 128 GB SSD storage?

Number 2 is why wouldn’t you, the manufacturer/designer recognize this and add a little door on the rear cover to insert an inexpensive SSD M2 card? Sure a  microSD card slot is also a great idea for added space but only for files. Making a super thin tablet with only 64 GB eMMC storage is okay, but hardly competes with a laptop with an SSD.

These current 10.1-13.5 inch tablets offer superior screens and can be the best way to watch TV or videos, but without the ability to use a keyboard they sort of suck. Sure you can get a keyboard for most of them but then you get raped for $50+ for a keyboard that is okay but generally not great. So how does a manufacturer deal with that  issue? How about being honest and offering your own multi-device Bluetooth keyboard? How about explaining to your customers that a BT keyboard might be the way to go.

How about making sure you offer enough ports for USB and USB-C users? Concentrate on usefulness, battery life and market the portability angle and quit focusing how thin your tablets are.

That is all for today,


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