Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: AMDTechReviews Hits 20K Subscribers.

By Tim

You are probably thinking what? Who cares? Why is this important? Well kiddies it is important and as I wrote about months ago there are only 2 YouTube reviewers who I really depend on for honest reviews that cover both the pros and cons of the latest tech products.

Those are Andrew over at AMDTechReviews and Chris over at TechTablets. Both offer first class video content and totally and completely honest reviews. They point out the flaws in products they test. This is important! Quoting off the specs on the latest notebook or tablet is not always the entire story, but delving into storage capacities, pricing and those items that might be a deal breaker for some folks, but not others are still important.


If you are the type to research your modern tech purchases before pulling the trigger then these two guys will probably have covered the item or they will shortly.

So here is a short video from Andrew concerning his upcoming projects and thanking folks for subscribing. If you like tech info videos I highly suggest subscribing to his channel!

If you do subscribe, add a comment telling him Tim over at sent you!

That is all for now,


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