CES 2018: GE Debuts Kitchen Appliance Which is Basically 27 inch Tablet

By James A.

Kitchens have stayed the same over the past half a decade basically, give or taken a few smart speakers or big tablets to guide you through recipes. Interestingly, big appliance makers have kept far from the game till now. They’re getting into the biz pretty hardcore it seems, as GE for example has debuted a 27 inch tablet for the kitchen at CES 2018.

GE Appliances want to add a touchscreen tablet right above the stove, as shown in the image above. The device is called the Family Hub and it’s supposed to work as an actual kitchen hub. The slate’s main screen shows control options for other smart appliances around the house, plus smart home gadgets and even video feeds from Internet-connected cameras, that people have around.

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This means, that aside from watching the back yard, you will be able to make video calls. The Hub relies on two cameras, one that faces forward for video calls and one that looks down on the stovetop for Instagramming your pot roast. The Family Hub plays a double part, as it’s also used as an exhaust hood. In case you want to know more about GE Appliances, they’re owned by Haier since 2017 and they haven’t yet unveiled pricing for this good looking machinery for your kitchen.

Things are still in preparation and prototype mode and a final product will be released in the second half of the year. Just in case you were wondering, the device runs on the Haier U+ Smart Life Platform, an operating system that can be used to search for recipes, access the calendar and get system updates. You will be connected to things like wall ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers and more.

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