Chuwi LapBook Air Still On Sale At BangGood: Excellent Budget Notebook At A Fair Price

By Tim

I just thought I would point out that still has the Chuwi LapBook Air on sale for about 2 more days at $379!

Sure that is a bunch for a budget Apollo Lake N3450 based notebook, but if you need a 14.1 inch screen (FHD) that is fully laminated, 8 GB of RAM and a back- lit keyboard then this one is the ticket!

Discount of $109.99 for Leagoo Mix @GearBest from Aug.21- Sep.4

You can watch the video I shared a few weeks back showing off the 3 best budget laptops/notebooks right here.

Obviously it all comes down to what you need. All 3 of the notebooks I linked in the video above are great and all three are expandable via an M.2 SSD slot. While the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro is considerably cheaper, that is for the 64 GB onboard storage version, with a smaller screen, while the Chuwi LapBook Air sports a reasonably fast 128 GB eMMC on-board. Now if you throw in a 128 GB SSD M.2 you suddenly have a very respectable 256 GB storage, in addition to the microSD card slot.

No, none of those mentioned in the link above are gaming laptops and they are not going to be super fast with processor intensive apps but if you just need to use it for documents, web surfing, photo editing, the the LapBook Air will get the job done for hundreds less than a Dell or a Xiaomi or a Huawei, etc.

You might see the links in the ads on this site but make sure to use this one to find the Banggood site, since I still am running ads for Gearbest, since prices vary wildly from week to week.

That is all I have for now,


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