The HiBook News: Crazy VPN Issues Cured By Starting Over

By Tim

If you are a frequent visitor here you may know that lately I have run into all sorts of issues when trying to edit my WordPress sites. After a few trips into the dashboard to edit a post or simply add a media file I would get err_connection_reset in Chrome or the less helpful could not connect to this site in Edge.

At that point I could not connect to the sites at all unless I rebooted whatever device I was using for my internet and frequently having to also close Chrome completely and then go back in.

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So a few weeks back I installed Betternet VPN which works great and is free. That way I could simply kill the VPN, wait about 10 seconds and restart it and like magic I was back in. Now of course I am running this on my Zotac mini-PC as well as the HiBook and the Hi12 tablets.

But being the testing type person that I am, I saw an advert on a YouTube site about Tunnelbear and tried that VPN. It worked okay but had a horrible 500 mb limit on the free version. I know they need to make money, but 500 mb is about an hour on the interwebs. So I uninstalled it that very evening and sort of forgot about it.

Starting the next day I was having major issues connecting to Betternet. It would take more than 30-40 seconds, then connect and then disconnect about 10 seconds later. So my next move was to try out another VPN, called ProtonVPN which I wrote about the other day.  It worked well but still had connection issues. It could take 10-12 times to connect and that simply isn’t good at all.

Now as usual the baseline PC here is the Hi12 since I use it for work and I began to look at what the differences were between my Zotac Ci323 and the Hi12. Other than one graphics program and having no other VPN’s except Betternet and one being Win 10 Pro and the Hi12 being Win 10 home, we were dealing with virtually identical PCs.

However the Hi12  worked every time, connected and stayed connected in just seconds while the other one did not.  So I re-installed the Betternet VPN on the Zotac. No joy there. So I uninstalled the ProtonVPN and tried again, still no joy. So I decided to sleep on it and go back at it this morning.

This morning I remembered that the only real difference was the Tunnelbear install. Sure enough after running a full virus scan and then uninstalling all VPN’s on the Zotac what was sitting there in the devices manager under network adapters? Yeah an OpenVPN device that should have been long gone. So I removed it and then put Betternet back on the Zotac. This OpenVPN was also in control panel where I also killed it off.

So after re-installing Betternet VPN I was immediately connected again. All I can figure is that Tunnelbear, which incidentally is a great program has a lousy uninstall program.  The lesson here kiddies is to uninstall all VPNs before trying out a new one. It could save you days of agony and frustration.

The other lesson I have learned is that VPNs are actually easy to use  and I am now using one all the time on the HiBook, the Hi12 and the Zotac.

So last item, please donate a buck or so to help keep us online for the long term and help me test some new tablets/notebooks.

That is all for now,


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