New Apple Pencil Being Developed, According to Analyst

By Radu Iorga

Traditionally Apple unveils new tablets around Spring time, maybe March, so we may be close to a new unveiling. Or they could keep the OLED iPad Pro for the fall. What’s sure is that something is brewing and a new stylus may also be in the cards. Giving us the down low on the scoop is an analyst, after the break.

Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang claims that Apple could be working on a brand new Apple Pencil. It’s said to go past tablets and be designed with the iPhone X Plus in mind. That device is rumored to be a 6.5 incher, so it’s on the hefty side for sure. This would make it a Galaxy Note rival and as such it needs a stylus of course. The Apple Pencil isn’t exactly ideal for smartphone use, as it’s rather big and not dockable anywhere.


Still, Apple could come up with something smaller and more stylish. The thing is that back in the days of Steve Jobs, the stylus was despised by Apple, but now they’re actually growing fond of it. Even now the Apple Pencil has some quirks, like the way it charges hooked up to the tablet in the most uncomfortable way possible. Maybe generation 2 will come with a carrying case or some other way to charge it.

Expect improved precision, long battery life and a smaller format, if it’s indeed meant for the iPhone X Plus. Otherwise, it’ll be the same size and meant for the iPad Pro 2018, with extra sensititivity.

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