Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: The Jumper Ezbook 2 SE 12 Inch Notebook

By Tim

This one comes to us from Linus over at TechLineHD and covers the Jumper EZBook 2SE 12 inch notebook. This is a low end notebook that can do most things a student may wish to do, but by no means is it anywhere near bleeding edge.

However it has ok specs, works fine, has Windows 10 and is roughly the same spec-wise as my Hi12 Tablet except for the 2 GB Ram and 1600 x 900 screen resolution.

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But…if you simply need to go to the web, watch videos and edit the occasional document in Word or Excel, this will get the job done. In other words enough for a casual user or your child in school to use at a great price!

Personally I would only recommend this to folks needing a notebook for schoolwork, etc. But It could be very decent for your kids or as a family PC to use when everything else is being used and the current price of $150 makes it quite appealing.

So make sure that you subscribe to the TechLineHD channel if you like these reviews and now let us get on to that short review!

This product is available here for $150 as of this posting.

That is all for now,


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