Today’s First Video Worth Sharing: The Huawei P20 Smartphone

By Tim

Hi folks! I know over the last week if you are a tech enthusiast you have been inundated with the hype on this phone. That’s okay, I am also sick of it, but, today we have a great honest review from Linus over at TechLineHD and it is less about the hype and more about the usefulness of this device!

It isn’t perfect by any means, but isn’t that why we watch reviews? Yeah, so moving on, the cameras are great, the build is great and it looks good. Now as you may know, I don’t give a damn about how a device looks or feels in my hand as long as it works!

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There may be some issues finding one of these in the USA since Huawei has lost virtually every carrier and even Best Buy in the last few months due to the spying scandal from last year. So you might be stuck paying full price or perhaps going through a Canadian vendor.

Of course they are welcome to send me one, so I can test it also…yeah, not going to happen.

So before we get to the video, just a shout out to Linus at TechlineHD for having the balls to put an enormously expensive phone into water! Wow!

Okay, here is the video, please check out the TechLineHD channel and subscribe if you like this type of content. Of course I will also add, check out my crappy YouTube channel also!

That is all for the moment,


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