Time Again For The HiBook News! Yes I Am Selling The HiBook! (video)

By Tim

The HiBook has basically outlived its usefulness as a test bed and I need to find another new High End Cheap Tech tablet to carry on the work! (see how I subtlety mentioned our new YouTube Channel?)

The HiBook has served me well and I still use it to watch videos and play the very occasional game in Android. However, since what I do is test tablets/notebooks as servers, etc, it has gone well beyond its useful life although it can still get the job done. But since we need an infusion of stuff to test here, I need to sell it to get something else to test.


Of course if folks would donate a wee bit to the site here, I could keep the HiBook, but in reality, I would love to move on and test new stuff!

These little thin and light tablets are perfect these days for use by children and even adults who simply want to watch videos and surf the web. The dual boot feature is great because there are things you can do in Android that you can’t do in Win 10.

So all that being said, here is the latest video on the new channel and please do like and subscribe and share. Note here: this was all shot on the super cheap Blu Studio Energy 2 at 1080p and edited on Openshot in Win 10 on my Zotac Ci323 with an N3150 processor and 8 GB ram.

That is all I have for this evening,


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