Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: Need a Great Free Screen Capture Program? Try Out OBS Studio

By Tim

Tonight we have a video I just posted on our new channel here on YouTube. The easiest way to show folks what is happening on your screen is to capture your display and there are a number of tools out there to do this. Last night I stumbled on to OBS Studio.

This is an excellent screen capture program for Windows, Mac and Linux. It also does live streaming! Yeah and the bonus here is, it is free!


In the video posted below I barely scratch the surface of using this product since I was just using it for the first time and I only watched one quick beginners guide on its use. However there are literally dozens of excellent tutorials on YouTube on how to use this software.

So let us get right on to the video and see just how well this software works on my very “Cheap Tech” Zotac PC with an N3150 processor.

That is all I have at this moment, except to request that folks visit the channel, subscribe, and “Like” the videos and share them!


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