The HiBook News: OBS Studio Running on a HiBook? Can This Be Real?

By Tim

Infinity Screen Captures?

Today I ran across a video on YouTube about running OBS Studio on an old, low powered tablet PC called a HiBook! I said to myself, well this can’t be true, but then I remember of course it is!

After all it was me who spent literally hours, to finally get OBS to work on High End Cheap Tech!


So after about a few dozen tries, I figured out how to get a decent screen capture (display capture) video on OBS on a supposedly obsolete/under-powered tablet.

The best part is, after shooting this in two segments, I edited the video on the very same, lowly X5 Z8300 Intel Atom tablet.  Yes, Openshot failed to add a transition at one point, but I’ll take success over disdain anytime!

The video below will mention how to remove background noise and show you that sometimes hardware decoding can get the job done even when you are saying to yourself, “hardware decoding, are you fuc&%$g kidding me?”

That’s all for now kiddies, maybe later I will try this again on the HI12? Leave a comment on YouTube if you want me to try it also!


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Source:: THE Tablet Test Server

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