This Morning’s Video Worth Sharing: Totally Free Video and Image Editing Software That You Should Try!

By Tim

If you want to edit images, let’s face it, most programs/apps out there have severe limitations, however, if you want to learn new things and actually expand your horizons, the 2 programs I  did a video on tonight might be your ticket!

No, they do not compete with top-tier software nor are they super slick, but they get the job done and that is what we concentrate on here.

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The bonus is they run on older hardware like my Hi12 and the HiBook. You do not need the latest Intel Core i7-xxxx and 16 gb of RAM to run them.

The video below was shot on the Zotac Ci323 and edited on the same machine, yes an Intel N3150 quad core Celeron with 8GB RAM.

The programs or apps as we have now been trained to say, are the GIMP and OpenShot. Both are totally free and work well and can get the basics done and might even surprise many folks!

The Gimp is available at this link and Openshot can be found right here!

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That is all for now, hopefully this will post up properly at the time I have scheduled it for…automation is great, but one never knows,


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