New Video! Stuff We Need To Get The New YouTube Channel Rolling!

By Tim

Yep, I can get by using super low end means, but it is becoming obvious to me that I need some new High End-Cheap Tech equipment!

I am in need of some sort of camera holder and perhaps even an action camera. I am also going to need a better phone/camera combo and have pretty much settled on the Nuu Mobile G3, which is still getting great reviews.


As far as a new PC or laptop, I am still thinking a 14.1 inch product like the Chuwi Lapbook Air will get the job done, and that is after all the whole premise of the site here and the new YouTube channel!

So below is the video, Like it, Share it everywhere, leave a comment, send a donation (check this site and you will see the big PayPal link)…

That is all for now,


This site formerly ran on either a Chuwi HiBook tablet or occasionally my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Check the About page for details. Don’t miss our new YouTube Channel!

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