The HiBook News Report! – Just a Few New Videos From Our New YouTube Channel!

By Tim

It has been a few weeks without an official HiBook News report. So tonight here it is! Of course I am still selling the HiBook tablet, but we will continue to call this little Saturday article the HiBook News!

So the HiBook is still running great and has no issues at all,  just like the Hi12 which is still my daily driver for work.  Of course this evening we will be providing some cool, technically oriented videos for folks to watch.

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These are both from the new YouTube Channel here, called High End Cheap Tech. In this case it concerns 2 nice software programs which are very cheap, as in free.

So the issue I discovered the other day was that I did a screen capture video about the Google Duplex thing that the internet is sort of going wild over. That was featured here in a previous post.  What I noticed today however was the fact that after doing just a tiny bit of editing/processing on Openshot, the video which was about 24.3 Mb grew to 299 Mb!

Yeah, no big deal if I upload at work using our cable connect, but a problem at home where we are still waiting to get some donations to fund cable/equipment, etc, for this site. So in the first video I went through about 5 tests and managed to reduce the video a bit, but it was still roughly 8 times larger than the original.  I literally did so many tests, that I sort of compressed this video down to the first test and my last result using Openshot. So you can watch that one right here, that incidentally was shrunk via the program I will discuss in the next video.

So I went out and poked about and found another open source software that can trans-coder  that can help you seriously shrink files! This folks is a great program for crunching a video down, without losing any noticeable quality! The video above was reduced from 170 Mb to a mere 20 or so Mb! So watch and learn folks!

That is all for now, except please subscribe to our channel or click those big donation buttons on the website here!


This site formerly ran on either a Chuwi HiBook tablet or occasionally my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Check the About page for details. Don’t miss our new YouTube Channel!

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