Today’s Video Worth Sharing: The REAL Reason APPLE Prices Are So High!

By Tim

I for one am sick and tired of folks who defend Apple! You are the consumer, you run the show and YOU are the problem. Want to control Apple? Do not buy their products. Everything they do is NOT for you, but simply to make an obscene profit on some very good products.

However they do overcharge for everything. They deny issues or minimalize them when caught red handed. They have been caught more than once denying a problem only for us to find out later, through court subpoenaed documents, remember “bendgate” or “AntennaGate” or “Batterygate” or most recently “Chargegate”?
You want to put Apple in check? Simply quit buying their products! Keep the ones you currently have and do not support these greedy bastards!


Below are the links to all sites shown in the video rant:
Money Magazine:
CBC Investigation into questionable business practices:
The Horrible Truth About Apple Engineering Failures:
iPhone XS – Why is Apple Ripping us Off?:
iPhone XS Max – Chargegate:
iPhone Xs Max – MYSTERY Charging Problem IDENTIFIED?:

Let us proceed  to that video right now…

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