Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: The WordPress 5 Editor Sucks!

By Tim

Today we got the new WordPress and I am sure folks put in ages of work on it, but sometimes change for the sake of change is the downfall of many a project. What appears cool to the developer is not necessarily intuitive to the user.

Hence my complaints about the WordPress 5.00 editor. To put it mildly it sucks. It takes 3 click to do what I once did all inside that “old” outdated editing screen.

Next time you folks decide to fix something, I suggest you remember the old axiom…”If it is working , do NOT Fuck with it!” Of course eventually I will find this version to be okay, but the shellshock that accompanied my first day using it is going to take weeks of therapy from a high end psychiatrist!

I can see where they are going with this and it works okay, once you figure out how to tweak it a bit, but next time folks, could we not take a galaxy wide leap, just maybe a few years ahead?

Okay, I have droned on enough and if you feel the same way, check my latest video and post you feedback, give it a thumbs up and share it!

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